Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is my best friend in the studio! I have had this Brother serger for more than 25 years, and it is still going strong, just like new. It is very dependable, and consistently does beautiful 4-thread stitching.

Being an industrial serger the clutch motor is underneath the machine. It sits in a large table, which makes it difficult to move, but a machine like this is SO much cheaper/better/faster than the home sewing market sergers. If you have a permanent home for one you will love it!

It has a small presser foot that allows you to see what you are sewing. Best of all, it enable you to turn and serge a 90 degree corner without cutting off the fabric first! You can, of course, serge with 3 threads/one needle, and do a rolled hem. Another great feature is that it is very quiet and smooth running.

The next time you need/want a new machine, think about purchasing industrial equipment. Used industrial equipment is very dependable and serviceable. You will not be disappointed, and you will have $$ left over for fabric!!!!


  1. Whoo Hoo! Christine has a blog! I want a industrial overlock too. It will be my next major purchase for my company. I learned how to thread sergers on Christine's machine. Do you know she can hear you say "dammit" when a thread breaks and she is on another floor of the building?!? I had to thread it fast so I could get back to work!

  2. Industrial machines are a much better buy if you have room for a permanent set up. There is no comparison as far as stitch quality is concerned. Parts and feet cost dramatically less than those of home machines. With folders and attachments, you can accomplish the effect of RTW one can only dream of. A top of the line industrial brand new, is only 2K or 3K but it's really not necessary to get a new one when *excellent* machines can be had for $200 to $800 or even less. I bought a TOL overlock for $1,600 (incl shipping) with five thread safety stitch, table and servo motor.